You may already know about the various cannabinoids in cannabis, hemp, and terpenes from other sources, but have you heard of Limonene? With numerous medicinal uses and a variety of recreational uses, you will find True Terpenes Limonene isolate a great addition to your terpene regimen. New to terpenes? You’re not alone. Thousands discover the positive, safe influence of terpenes on their life daily. In part I of this blog series, we discussed Myrcene, a prominent cannabinoid in cannabis and other sources. You’ll learn about Limonene in the following post. If you want to shop terpenes for sale, check out our online store now! Otherwise, read on to learn more about the terpene Limonene.

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What is Limonene?

Limonene is a monoterpene found in orange peels at a high concentration, and it’s found in a large majority of citrus-like natural sources. Its citrus-lemon flavor and aroma tend to overpower most other terpenes its found with. Although it’s not as prevalent as Myrcene, as discussed in Part I of this blog series, Limonene is still an important terpene when it comes to medicinal and home use. The medicinal and recreational benefits are numerous, which we will discuss shortly, and there is an abundance of research to support the more frequent use of Limonene.

Why Use Limonene?

If you suffer from anxiety, cancer, inflammation, or depression, Limonene is a potential natural remedy for your situation. Across various studies, which we will mention shortly, Limonene has proven effective in some capacity.

When it comes to depression and anxiety, Limonene has been documented to increase social interaction and reduce immobility.

You may be dealing with pain due to inflammation. Limonene demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties as shown in a Journal of Food Science study, which tested Limonene’s effectiveness against cytokine and ROS production.

One of the more promising medicinal effects of Limonene is to fight cancer. It’s been used for carcinogen detoxification as an induction of phase one and phase two enzymes. Limonene has also shown an influence on higher ROS generation and GSH depletion, which influences cancer cells.

You can find more on Limonene’s effects against cancer in the following studies:

The Limonene Isolate Experience

At True Terpenes, we believe in natural, non-GMO, food-grade terpene extraction and use. Whether you’re looking for a Limonene isolate or searching for a pure terpene strain, you can find it at our online store. Nonetheless, you may be wondering what the Limonene experience may be like if you do decide to enjoy it.

You’ll experience a specific feeling when using our Limonene isolate. As you settle into the terpene, you’ll notice a focused energy and a calm uplifting mindset. Many of our customers report using Limonene in their tea or other favorite beverages.

The Limonene Steam-Distilled Extract from True Terpenes

As you shop online for any number of terpene products, keep in mind the feeling you want to achieve. The Limonene isolate offers a specific experience unlike a Myrcene isolate or a Linalool isolate, which we’ll discuss in part III of this series. If you’re interested in enjoying any one of True Terpenes products, shop terpenes for sale in our online store now!

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