Do you suffer from anxiety, insomnia, or inflammation? It can be tough to feel down, feel tired, or feel pain all the time. As multiple studies have shown, Linalool has proven to positively affect anxiety, insomnia, and pain issues. You can shop terpenes for sale online now to find the best strain or isolate for your needs. If you’re curious about other terpenes, you will find our terpene blog series interesting. In the following post, we’ll be discussing Linalool, a potent terpene used for a variety of medicinal applications or recreational uses.

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What is Linalool

If you’ve ever experienced the lavender scent, you’ve encountered Linalool. As a terpene, it offers a distinct floral aroma with spicy undertones.

Here are the strains Linalool can be sourced from:

  • Skywalker OG
  • Chemdawg
  • UK Cheese

Linalool can be found in other natural sources like the mint (Lamiaceae), laurel (Lauraceae), and citrus (Rutaceae) plant families.

As a monoterpene, Linalool is typically touted as the strongest terpene to offer sedative and relaxing effects when ingested.

True Terpenes’ Linalool isolate is certified non-GMO, food grade, natural, and organic.

Why Use Linalool?

Beyond Linalool’s aroma and flavor, it offers a number of benefits related to pain management, anti-anxiety remedies, anticonvulsant agents, and anti-nociceptive blockers.

If you’re looking for a natural anti-inflammatory remedy, Linalool may be able to help you. After two studies the terpene was found to reduce inflammation and block pain. You can find the two studies below:

You may be experiencing anxiety or even involuntary convulsions. Linalool has been shown to help both issues. The chemicals in the brain, dopamine and serotonin, have a huge influence on your mental state. Linalool was shown to positively affect these chemicals to regulate anxiety, as shown in a study completed by the Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Furthermore, you may be looking for an anticonvulsant agent, Linalool has been proven in a study to decrease convulsion times.

Finally, if you’re having trouble sleeping, Linalool may be able to help you find sleep faster. In another study, Linalool was proven a potent sedative at high enough doses. This means if you’re dealing with insomnia or simply can’t find sleep, you may find relief in True Terpenes’ Linalool isolate, which you can shop for online.

How to use Linalool

True Terpenes Linalool isolate can be used in a number of ways. Most of our customers add their terpene liquid to a tea or a favorite beverage. You can also add the terpene isolate to food or recipes to enjoy the aroma, flavor, and physical effects.

The Linalool Isolate Experience

If you’re looking for terpenes for sale online, True Terpenes offers a number of terpene isolates and pure terpene strains to give you the experience or remedy you’re seeking. Linalool, specifically, offers a calming and uplifting effect when ingested.

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True Terpenes offers non-GMO, natural, organic, and food grade terpenes to all its customers. If you’re looking for a terpene strain or a terpene isolate, you can find it in our online store. Specifically, Linalool can help with pain, inflammation, sleep while offering a calming and uplifting mental state. You can shop terpenes for sale online now! Read part IV of this blog series about Alpha Bisabolol!

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