Do you ever have trouble focusing? Are you looking for an aromatherapy dehydration alternative? Delta 3 Carene isolate may be your answer. The terpene is a potent product that can help you find focus and reduce inflammation. In part IV of our terpene blog series, we discussed Alpha Bisabolol, which offers a calming, relaxed experience, but in the following post, we’ll discuss Delta 3 Carene’s benefits. Want to learn more about terpenes for sale online? Continue reading!

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What is Delta 3 Carene?

Delta 3 Carene emits a citrusy, sweet odor. The flavor follows suit with a pungent lemon profile to it. It’s a bicyclic monoterpene and has a unique propanol ring, which contributes to its effects.

This terpene has been shown to impact calcium production in bone cells, which means it’s a great addition to any terpene collection, if you’re concerned with bone care and growth.

If you’ve ever encountered a cannabis strain or hemp product that seems to give you dry or cottonmouth, you’ve most likely encountered Delta 3 Carene. Its properties to dehydrate are noticeable; however, these same properties contribute to its anti-inflammatory effects it has on the body.

Delta 3 Carene is frequently found in cosmetics and aromatherapy field. For Cosmetics and aromatherapy, it’s used for its dehydrating effects. On one hand, the terpene helps dry out specific types of makeups and give perfumes weight. On the other hand, the terpene assists in liquid extraction, whether it be nose, mouth, eyes, or ears.

The terpene can be extracted from rosemary, pine, and cedar. It’s also commonly found in the strains Skunk #1, Arjan’s Ultra Haze, and Super Lemon Haze.

Why Use Delta 3 Carene?

Delta 3 Carene’s unique properties to draw out liquid from the body gives it the ability to effect inflammation. As an anti-inflammatory agent, you may find it helpful if you’re experience pain due to swelling or related inflammation symptoms.

The terpene also affects bone health and growth. A study from 2007 shows Delta 3 Carene as an alternative treatment to metabolic bone disorders, and it shows a positive correlation between Delta 3 Carene and bone health.

How to Use Delta 3 Carene

If you’re looking for a more recreational use, you will find Delta 3 Carene to offer a focused effect when consumed. Whether you take it directly, add it to your favorite beverage, or add it to your favorite meal, you will find the terpene satisfactory.

Terpenes in general are the essential oils made by a large majority of plants. The properties of terpenes are what emit the aroma you may smell or taste a certain flavor when ingested. Nonetheless, when you begin to use them, start small.

Smaller doses at low frequency is always the best initial starting process. This way you will be able to experience the potent aromas, flavors, and effects gradually.

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