Eucalyptol is one of our most popular terpenes, and it isn’t surprising to learn why. This incredible terpene is used in flavoring, cosmetics, and perfumes everywhere because of how versatile it is. Aside from the scent aspect, Eucalyptol is also used in cough suppressants, insecticides, and mouthwashes. Today, we are going to give you a terpene profile all about Eucalyptol, as well as how it could improve your life.

The Facts

Eucalyptol is the main terpene found in eucalyptus, which is how it got its name. While terpenes and essential oils are not the same, Eucalyptol can comprise over 80 percent of the ingredients in the essential oils made from eucalyptus trees. However, you can find it in high concentrations in bay leaves, mugwort, and tea trees as well.

This terpene helps with more conditions than many other common terpenes, which may be why so many people are devoting their time and energy to discovering new things about it. When properly diluted, Eucalyptol can be applied topically be skin, gums, and other areas. Some people take it orally by inhaling it, drinking it as a tincture, or eating it. Again, diluting Eucalyptol and all of your other terpenes is extremely important!


There are a few therapeutic uses for Eucalyptol that most people are not aware of. You can use Eucalyptol as an analgesic, meaning that it can relieve pain. It can also slow down the growth of bacteria and fungus, which can be helpful when trying to remain healthy. Some people use it as a natural way to clear up bacterial infections. Benefits range from being anti-inflammatory to antiproliferative—meaning that Eucalyptol can inhibit cancer cell growth. Finally, it is a known antioxidant. It works to carefully prevent oxidation to other molecules in the body. We all know that oxidation of our cells is one of the leading causes of aging, so the antioxidant properties can be quite helpful in keeping us feeling young.

Currently Being Studied

We don’t know everything there is to know about terpenes just yet, and Eucalyptol is no exception. Here are some of the things Eucalyptol is currently being studied for:

  • Alzheimer’s: The cause of Alzheimer’s comes down to neuroinflammation. In a 2014 study, researchers found that the anti-inflammatory benefits of Eucalyptol are strong enough to possibly become a treatment for Alzheimer’s one day.
  • Asthma: Asthma is a chronic illness that affects the airways in the throat and lungs. This disease affects nearly ⅕ of all Americans. While Eucalyptol has been a potent asthma treatment for years, a 2003 double-blind placebo study confirmed that Eucalyptol is a strong treatment for asthma and other respiratory inflammation. In 2012, a follow-up study found that therapy using Eucalyptol helped lead to improvement in lung function and overall health.
  • Cancer: In 2002, a study found that Eucalyptol induced apoptosis—or, cell death—in two types of leukemia. This was the first time that Eucalyptol demonstrated that it could combat cancerous cell growth in humans. More recently, researchers have begun studying the effect on colon cancer.
  • Tuberculosis: In 2014, a study found that Eucalyptol was mildly effective at assisting with tuberculosis effects. While it isn’t a cure, it can be combined with other treatments to provide relief.

True Terpenes

At True Terpenes, we understand how incredible terpenes can be when it comes to providing us with health benefits. Aside from the medical aspects of Eucalyptol, we’ve found that it also provides a nice level of energy and focus, while still allowing the user to relax. If you are looking for heightened focus, this may be the terpene for you. Take a look at our terpenes for sale and let us know if you have any questions!

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