Can adding terpenes to your topical products, including lotions and soaps, be beneficial to you and your health? As it turns out, the answer is yes—assuming you add the terpenes to the right base product.

People have turned attention towards terpene oils recently in order to figure out what exactly they can do for our bodies. While we now know what these terpenes are good for, can we apply them or use them any which way we want to get results? Patients who have used topical products on their skin report having a positive reaction, so today, we would like to discuss the ways that terpenes can be absorbed into the skin.

The Research

One study from Planta Med looked into the responses and the penetration of terpenes into the skin. Specifically, they took a closer look at linalool, terpinen-4-ol, citronellol, and alpha-pinene. These terpenes were either applied within essential oils or in dermatological formulations (including emulsion, an oily solution, or a hydrogel option). As it turns out, the pure essential oil form didn’t absorb very well. It gathered on the cutaneous layer. When it comes to absorption, adding the terpenes to other formulas works much better.


Linalool absorbed easily when administered topically with the emulsion-based product, the oily solution, and the hydrogel. However, both citronellol and alpha-pinene were better absorbed when combined with a hydrogel as compared to the other options. In the end, the study showed that there are some topical applications that make more sense for terpenes than other ones.

Experimenting with Terpenes

If you are interested in making your own beauty products at home to assist with lessening inflammation or pain, terpenes may be the way to go. Consider adding these diluted terpene oils to your bath items. We recommend lotions, face washes, and even bath salts to take full advantage of the healing properties. Just be sure to choose pure terpenes to avoid mixing in any hazardous or unpleasant chemicals that may have little results.

Also, if you are going to look to buy a topical product that contains terpenes, beware! Make sure that the rest of the product has been created effectively. If terpenes are combined with the wrong products, your body will not be able to absorb the terpenes and reap the benefits. If you’re on the hunt for maximum absorption, it may be best to make your own or do research to find a company that uses high-quality terpenes.

True Terpenes

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To learn more about terpenes and how they may be able to benefit you, look to our Terpenes 101 page! We believe in educating our buyers so that they know just how to take advantage of our terpenes. Get started and purchase your isolates today!

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