When you stop to smell a rosebush or catch a whiff of lavender in the air in the springtime, this is because of terpenes. The fragrant essence of all plants comes from these naturally occurring molecules. What people may not know is that there are more than two thousand terpene varieties that combine in various ways in order to attract animal and plant pollinators while still keeping predators away.

If you have ever used essential oils before, you have used terpenes. Essential oils use extracted terpenes that have been infused with oils. Regardless of what you use essential oils for, whether it be aromatherapy or as a natural remedy of some sort, you have used terpenes! When terpenes are inhaled through the nose, they cross the blood-brain barrier in the olfactory bulb. This is where nerve pathways control chemical reactions and allow them to enter the limbic system. Your limbic system is the part of the brain structure that helps regulate your mood, your emotions, and even your behavior.

Terpenes and Relaxation

If you have ever put on some lavender essential oils to sleep, you are not alone! Many plants, including lavender, hops, pine, and black pepper, have all been used to help promote relaxation and even sleep. These relaxation scents can be found in certain terpenes that have been used for years in herbal medicine. Both East and West traditions have incorporated the use of terpenes into herbal medicine practice. One study from National Institutes of Health has even suggested that lavender could limit the agitation of Alzheimer’s patients.

Less is More

While there are several methods of aromatherapy, it’s important to choose the best option for you and your needs. Some people choose to infuse an entire room with essential oils. Others will include the terpenes and oils in bath salts or lotions. Some even choose to use a personal inhaler to smell the terpenes. However, keep in mind that these methods are not great in all situations. For example, it may be more expensive than you would like to infuse an entire room, or the scent may be inappropriate in some situations.

Also, just as you can no longer smell your perfume or cologne after wearing it for a few hours, that happens with these terpenes, too. “Oversaturation” happens when the terpene user becomes too used to the scent of the terpenes for them to remain effective.

To add to this, a study published in 2012 found that over-exposure to lavender by spa workers was actually connected to higher blood pressure for many of the employees. However, the same study found that limited exposure of the lavender was beneficial to their blood pressure levels. This means that it is important to control how long we are exposed to certain terpenes.

Insomnia and Relaxation

Of course, insomnia is a large problem all over the world. People climb into bed hoping to find relaxation and peace only to be stuck lying there for hours. If you feel as though you have tried everything to in order to fall asleep, it may be time to give terpenes a try. With natural scent molecules from plants, you may find that these scents help lull you into an unparalleled state of relaxation.

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