Mixing Terpenes with BHO

Adding terpenes to BHO has been a hot topic because it allows you to expand your options for products you can produce with BHO. Not only can you add additional flavors and effects to your extracts but you can also adjust the viscosity without the use of VG and PG.

Mixing Terpenes with BHO Extract for Flavoring*

When it comes to mixing terpenes with BHO extract it is most important to consider the consistency of the starting extract, something that is a hard shatter or dry crumble is going to have the ability to soak up more. That being said the easiest way to mix for flavor is to start small and generally increase the drops till you hit the flavor experience you like.

With shatter and crumble start by adding 2 drops per half gram and “painting” the terps across the oil. For sappier oils and/or live resins you’ll want to start with about 3 drops per half gram and stir the terpenes in with a dabber. For snap and pull its best to start with your oil flattened into a square add 1-2 drops to the center and then start folding it over on itself.

Mixing Instructions

Step 1

Decide what you are going to mix in, i.e. parchment paper or a glass jar, then place the BHO on the parchment paper or in the glass jar.


  • Parchment paper works great with some BHO but others will be difficult to collect.
  • Glass jars are the best possible choice for mixing as they are non reactive and can be heated.


Step 2

Add the terpene profile you would like to try and start stirring/mixing.


  • When adding terpenes to rosin, it’s good to start with a ratio of 1 – 2 drops per 1 gram of rosin.
  • A dabber works just fine for mixing but you could use a magnetic stirrer on low heat as well.
  • For best results mix until the consistency is even throughout.



Step 3

After about 5 hours, your concentrate should be ready!


  • If you leave it in a sealed container overnight the terpenes will infuse themselves into the concentrate better.


*Our products are intended for use in edible and topical applications