Mixing Terpenes with Distillate

The latest trend and future of cannabis utilizes high-purity compounds to produce an incredible number of new applications for the cannabis plant both medically and recreationally. Using fractional distillation, you can isolate compounds like THC, CBD, CBN, and others; as well as terpenes like Myrcene, Limonene, and Alpha Pinene. By breaking down all of the components that make up the cannabis oil, you can then reformulate those components into your own custom blends.

This is revolutionary for the cannabis industry because for the first time, you can create products that are consistent and standardized liked never before. Most people agree that a full plant extract is the most effect type of product but unfortunately even with identical genetics and growing conditions, the extracts will never be the same. A major advantage is that we are no longer restricted to the ratios and formulas that the plants grow naturally, allowing for better formulation of specific medications.

The plant produces amazing compounds but at the end of the day, they are not growing for our appeasement, they are growing to reproduce so its needs don’t necessarily match with ours.

Mixing Instructions*

Step 1

Start by placing the distillate in a glass jar.


  • Glass jars are the best possible choice for mixing as they are non reactive and can be heated.


Step 2

Add the terpene profile you would like to try and start stirring/mixing.


  • When adding terpenes to distillate, it’s good to start with a ratio of 1 – 2 drops per 1 gram of oil.
  • A dabber works just fine for mixing but you could use a magnetic stirrer on low heat as well.
  • For best results mix until the consistency is even throughout.


Step 3

From this point your concentrate is ready!


  • If you leave it in a sealed container overnight the terpenes will infuse themselves into the concentrate better.


*Our products are intended for use in edible and topical applications