Mixing Terpenes with Rosin

Mixing terpenes with rosin can produce great results to increase the flavor and desired effects. Depending on your starting material the terpene profile might be adequate but if you’re running B grade or second press, you might want to add more.

You can purchase premixed strain profiles to add directly to the rosin to bring the flavor back. Many extractors are able to get top dollar for their extract once they add more terpenes because it amplifies the effects and improves the flavor.

Mixing Instructions*

Step 1

Decide what you are going to mix in, i.e. parchment paper or a glass jar, then place the rosin on the parchment paper or in the glass jar.


  • Parchment paper works great with some rosins but others will be difficult to collect.
  • Glass jars are the best possible choice for mixing as they are non reactive and can be heated.

Step 2

Add the terpene profile you would like to try and start stirring/mixing.


  • When adding terpenes to rosin, it’s good to start with a ratio of 1 – 2 drops per 1 gram of rosin.
  • A dabber works just fine for mixing but you could use a magnetic stirrer on low heat as well.
  • For best results mix until the consistency is even throughout.

Step 3

From this point your concentrate is ready!


  • If you leave it in a sealed container overnight the terpenes will infuse themselves into the concentrate better.

*Our products are intended for use in edible and topical applications